Unlock the Full Potential of Your Shopify Store

We make Shopify stores lightning fast, easy to use and conversion focused. This makes you more sales with your existing traffic and improves your bottom line. Read about our three-step process below.

Initial Optimisation

Fine-tuning your online store through initial optimisation is like a tune-up for efficiency. By focusing on essentials like fast page loads, easy navigation, and clear communication of product value, you remove roadblocks to sales. It’s about showcasing your expertise and products effectively, creating a seamless experience that encourages customers to purchase.

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Data-driven Optimisation

By integrating Hotjar with Google Analytics and Shopify, data-driven optimisation provides a clear understanding of customer behavior. This knowledge allows for precise adjustments to product displays, a simplified checkout process, and well-targeted promotions. The result is a refined shopping experience that genuinely connects with customers, leading to increased satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and boosted sales.

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Landing pages for your ad campaigns

Landing pages are the concierges of your e-commerce brand in online marketing campaigns. Imagine a tailored space that speaks directly to what the customer is looking for - no fluff, just the crème de la crème. Plus, it’s a treasure trove of data; see what makes customers tick and fine-tune your pitch. It’s like having a silver-tongued salesperson who knows just what to say. The grand finale? A standing ovation in engagement, conversions, and sales.

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Why you should optimise your Shopify store with us

We are a hands-on, boutique Shopify agency. We have in-house e-commerce experts and web developers. We only take on a limited number of clients at a time, ensuring that you have our full attention when you work with us.

  • Over 100 e-commerce clients in the UK, Germany and the US
  • Ø 227% conversion rate increase for our new clients
  • Ø 32% additional revenue growth for advanced brands
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