Initial Optimisation of your Shopify store

Fine-tuning your online store through initial optimisation is like a tune-up for efficiency. By focusing on essentials like fast page loads, easy navigation, and clear communication of product value, you remove roadblocks to sales. It’s about showcasing your expertise and products effectively, creating a seamless experience that encourages customers to purchase.

Optimise your Shopify Store

Transform Your Shopify Store with Our Initial CRO Optimisation

Welcome to the realm where data-driven precision meets e-commerce artistry. At Kirkby Consulting, we specialize in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for Shopify stores, and our initial CRO optimisation is the secret sauce that turns browsing into buying.

A Tailored Approach with 223 Best Practices

Our initial CRO optimisation is not a one-size-fits-all affair. We kick things off with a detailed audit of your Shopify store. Think of it as a health check-up for your online presence. We then roll up our sleeves and get to work with our treasure trove of 223 best practices. This extensive list, honed through experience and expertise, is the backbone of our tailored approach.

The Kirkby Difference: Audit and Best Practices

What sets us apart? Our initial audit is a deep dive into the very DNA of your Shopify store. Coupled with our extensive list of best practices, this audit allows us to pinpoint the exact levers to pull to transform your store into a conversion powerhouse.

Real Results: The Proof is in the Pudding

Don’t just take our word for it. We helped a prominent German furniture retailer skyrocket their online sales from 40k to a staggering 130k per month through our best practice optimisation. That’s the kind of alchemy we’re talking about.

Industry Recognized Excellence

We’re not just experts; we’re recognized partners and certified maestros in the industry. We’re proud to be CXL certified, Hotjar partners, and Shopify partners. Our founder has even been featured in Business Insider. When you work with Kirkby Consulting, you’re working with the crème de la crème.

Elevate Your Shopify Store

Ready to elevate your Shopify store to the next level? With Kirkby Consulting’s initial CRO optimisation, you’re not just improving your store; you’re transforming it into an experience that resonates with your customers and drives sales.

Get in touch with us today and let’s create e-commerce magic together.

Optimise your Shopify Store

Why you should optimise your Shopify store with us

We are a hands-on, boutique Shopify agency. We have in-house e-commerce experts and web developers. We only take on a limited number of clients at a time, ensuring that you have our full attention when you work with us.

  • Over 100 e-commerce clients in the UK, Germany and the US
  • Ø 227% conversion rate increase for our new clients
  • Ø 32% additional revenue growth for advanced brands
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